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My name is Jeanne Allen Crawford. I have been doing photography for over 18 years now. I married my sweetheart on July 16, 2016. I have always felt as if life looks so different when you look at it through a camera. I love getting to know my clients and getting a feel for their style, their love, and what they are looking for. My goal is to capture amazing moments in your life that you will be able to share with your kids, your grandkids, and many generations down the line. I still get a little emotional when I see a photograph that I had taken being displayed in someone's home, office, or even on social media. I am a mother of three. I feel very blessed in the amazing gifts God gave me when he gave me my children. I have a son who is 19 years old. Light of my life. He encouraged me to have a brother or sister for him, and we were blessed with identical twin girls who are now 14, Being a mother has been the best responsibility I have even been given. My kids and I made the move to Indianapolis about 12years ago. We love it here. When we moved to Indianapolis we met Andy and his two daughters.  I fell in love with him and his girls.  He is my handy man and is always helping me with props and big event sessions. I love that we are able to have our family/children work with me and be part of the business together. I love the clients who continue to return season after season and I always love working with a new family.  I always pray that once I get to work with a family that I will get to work with them again in the future and watch their family grow/change.  They always tell you when looking for a career to look for a career that doesn't feel like a job.  I feel like that 100%. I love capturing your life....anywhere that takes us, I can create a package to be there. We shoot 450+ families a year and I love working with each and every one of them.  I strive to meet/and exceed my clients expectations with service, pricing an end product. 

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